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In a world where Zombies have been integrated into our daily lives and become passe... and Vampires walk among us in daylight and unabashed and are sometimes even our friends... the real horrors of corporate abuse and governmental neglect in our modern life now garner less than a passing glance. Yes... there are serious issues to tackle... ... and we are NOT GOING TO TACKLE ANY OF THEM IN THIS FILM. Because addressing relevant socio-political issues in a cult horror film is just too cliche. Everyone on the Coffee Shop Team are actively involved in meaningful work... this project is for fun!

So... we’re going for shock value primarily and a new take on how the world of the Undead came to be part of our civilization.

And truly... we are working the plans for an actual Bricks and Mortar Coffee Shop Of The Damned... open all night with blazing fast internet for our patrons, cult movies every night in the lounge and a wide variety of gourmet foods and beverages on the menu right next to your favorite standards and comfort foods.

Check out our Menu and then come see us in Second Life and right here on this mortal coil soon! Oh... we might slip in some social commentary when you’re not looking.

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Name: William Archer Valenti

Age: In his 40s

Birthday: December 5

College: Boston University

Major: Aerospace / Film

Favorite Color: Orange

Favorite Book: The Sirens Of Titan & A Farewell To Arms

Favorite Movie: Zombieland

Favorite Food: Pizza

Favorite Quote: I’ll sleep when I’m dead.

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Standing On The Moon

Several Species Of Small Furry Animals Gathering Together In A Cave And Grooving With A Pict

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Script Sample


Three men in German uniforms stand outside a barn-shed.  Two are digging and the third is grumbling and chuckling and telling them to dig faster.  The grumbling man is Captain Van Hessen.

A pine box sits next to the hole being dug.  The year is 1952 and the place is somewhere in the mountains of Latvia.  In the sky are a full moon and bright stars overhead.

The two men finish digging what seems to be a grave.  They remove and open a pine box casket identical to the one we first saw while they were digging.  They pull a ragged body from the pine box and place it on the ground.  The body is wrapped in chains and rope with a locked facemask on its head...