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Ancient History
When Kings Were Gods

Malakai Abruzzo was both feared and revered as ruler in the lands which came to be known as Prussia. Throughout the ages, he was worshipped as a god both because of his invincibility in battle and apparent immortality. He was also known for compassion, mercy and love.

The Dark Ages
Were Darkest For Children Of The Light

During the ages of the inquisition and the Roman Empire becoming the Roman Catholic Church, Malakai was hunted and persecuted until he disappeared to a life of seclusion in the mountains of Bavaria.

Recent History
Is A 10 Dollar Whore In Spiked Heels

When Hitler began to collect items of the arcane, he sent his best unit to capture Abruzzo and divine his mysteries by any means necessary.

Meet The New Boss

There was a winner and a loser and peace was declared...
but the war was never over and this world never knows peace.

  • The ruling class.

    Most of the money and power in the world is owned by the same families who have had the money and power since the dawn of time.

  • Peace And Complacency

    Without the threat of suffering and fear of loss, the Ruling Class would have no means of control and could claim no right of privilege.

  • Once There Were Dragons

    In the days before history could be written, the rulers were the ones who slayed the beasts that threatened their clans. Malakai Abruzzo was there.

  • Then There Were Marauders

    When clans became villages, the danger shifted to rivals and nomads who wade take with violence what a community had worked to grow. Rulers were those that could defend and protect their own and sometimes raid those that threatened. Malakai Abruzzo was there.

  • Then there was the Church.

    As civilization evolved and came democracy and social reform, those in power were chosen for their ability to create and maintain as well as defend. And the struggle continued by the forceful to maintain their power. When they could no longer do so by force alone, they began to claim divine right and stole righteousness from the righteous to use as their own. Malakai Abruzzo walked away.

  • Then came oil.

    The Industrial Revolution led to a primal hunger for gas and electricity and mass comsumption of natural resources. The land grab reached a status quo around the world and countries became clearly defined. Which began the standoff. Wars were fought, but they were also engineered. Modern life became a constant manipulation. During one such war, the pursuit of the arcane and mystical for use as weaponry. Malaka Abruzzo was found... captured... tortured... brainwashed... and locked in a box for over twenty years while scientists used his blood for experimentation.

And then he escaped...

Not remembering anymore, who he was or what he is, Malakai escaped during one of his annual interrogations and set off to take back all the things that were taken from him. Including, his humanity.